Harry Khokhar

I was following the progress of making of this legend called Taurus for almost a year. Effort, dedication and enthusiasm of Capt Suresh Sharma and his family is profound. I was curious to see and experience this lovely machine until one day he called to tell that he and Taurus are visiting Leh, I was very excited at the prospect of encountering the much awaited Taurus. Finally when it arrived on its maiden journey to the cold desert after exploring the Thar it looked handsome and efficiently traversed the curvaceous and steep mountain roads.

Capt Suresh Sharma whom I know as a ground soldier has squeezed all his experience and survival skills to create this mean machine, which offers all what is needed to explore the misty blue mountains, river valleys and deserts. Taurus is what an explorer looks for to discover extraordinary landscapes at the time and place of his choosing it offers comforts of a million stars and peace of mind in most inaccessible and inhospitable conditions and allows one to relax, enjoy and concentrate on creating some exceptional images in your mind and digital canvas.

I haven’t seen or experienced such a setup which offers so much liberty and comfort in outdoor life and mind you I know what outdoor life is all about and I mean what I say.