Gaurav Sharma

Taurus- A wonderland on wheels.

I have been part of the Taurus ever since it was just an idea and a design on paper. Being an automotive engineer, I always felt fascinated by Capt Sharma’s thought of creating a such a wonderful overlander. And I was the witness to this idea transforming from a thought to a wonderful reality. And since I had been always so fascinated by this, how could I be left behind being aboard this wonderful beast?

And yes, I got an opportunity very soon to be aboard the Taurus. The place was the banks of river Raavi at Madhopur, Pathankot, one of the best locations in India where you can find serenity and peace. And when this was combined with the luxury, hospitality and comfort I got aboard Taurus, going out of that place would have been the last thing I wanted. It is indeed a home away from home, but with a lot of add-ons which you cannot even imagine being available in the most of the remotest areas. The comfort you get is what you would not imagine even in the costliest of the luxuries, and being close to nature, in lands untouched for many, is the best part. And then comes the hospitality of the team. They never made me feel out of home, be it the best and the tastiest of the food stuff I ever had, or be it the cozy bedding that made me feel nice and snug in the chilling weather.

What impressed me was the abundance of the commodities aboard. From a shoelace to recreational games, it was everything that I couldn’t even imagine. Team Taurus had actually kept every guests’ potential needs in mind. Impressive..!!

My suggestion- If you ever wanted to wander into the most untouched and serene locations, give it a go. I’m sure you will never want to come back easily..!! The only bad part about the Taurus is that the time seems to go too fast when you are aboard; At least it happened in my case…

My sincere thanks to Capt Suresh Sharma and his crew for their hospitality, and best wishes for their future endeavours in exploring the lands untouched for many.