Tariff for Barot Valley

India’s First Roving Camp

Your bespoke holiday with us is a blissful outdoor activity to relax and unwind. We organise a rendezvous of your soul with Mother Nature.

We have been rated as the No.1 in India in this segment of nomadic holidays with the touch of aristocracy. It’s the most unique outfit with the best hygiene practices – the best in India as of now, none can match us.

CAMP THAT CHANGES SPOTS – has dome tents and custom made tents onboard TAURUS and Camping Trailers, as shown in photos on our website.

The life in a camp of this kind has limited space, facilities and infrastructure but gives unlimited pleasure in abundance to relax and unwind in wilderness. The camp will be in static mode to experience unique camping. Though sometimes we change spots, as per the terms.

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Our Camping Trailers offer the most amazing outdoor experiential holidays, especial for single women and solo girls for safe vacation in Barot Valley in Himachal Pradesh.


The tariff quoted below is for stay only, food bill will be extra, on the basis  “pay as you consume”.


1. GARUDtrailer tent to accommodate 2 adults (plus a kid)

  • Rs 1500 per person per night, on a twin sharing basis, food extra.
  • For single occupancy it’s Rs 2875 per person per night, stay only.
  • Rs 1000 for kids above 4 years, per night for the stay (applicable only for stay onboard Garud, while sleeping with parents). It has good quality mattresses and sleeping bags.

2. TAURUSIndia’s Best Overland Truck

  • Rs 3975 for stay only, per person per night, in tents installed on the rooftop with mattresses and sleeping bags, as shown on our website. If the group is 4 to 8 people.
  • Single person Rs 6550 per person per night for stay only.
  • 2 persons can block whole rooftop accommodation (with one dome tent) Rs 5500 per person per night for stay only.

3. HORNBILL Camping Trailer to accommodate 5 persons, 2 inside and 3 in its rooftop tent as shown in photos on our website. It has its own well equipped kitchenette also.

  • Rs 4575 per person per night on twin sharing basis for couples for stay only.
  • Rs 3850 per person if 5 persons of a family stay onboard Hornbill. It has good quality mattresses and linen. Minimum stay for 2 nights.
  • Guests may hire it’s kitchenette if guests want to cook food themselves @ Rs 1500 per day. Guests can bring their own ration and we don’t charge extra for the food in that case.
  • In case guests want us to provide ingredients that will be charged extra.

4. Praying Mantis camping trailer is designed for 2 persons with its own kitchenette.

  • Rs 4975 per person per night on double occupancy basis, only for  stay.
  • Rs 7550 per person for single occupancy, only for stay.
  • Guests may hire it’s kitchenette if guests want to cook food themselves @ Rs 1500 per day. Guests can bring their own ration and we don’t charge extra for the food in that case.
  • In case guests want us to provide ingredients that will be charged extra.

The toilet onboard TAURUS is used by the guests who stay in Camping Trailers.

Two field toilets (imported from the USA), with seats and dug up dry pit type, are deployed on full occupancy of the camp

It’s an outdoor holiday where we don’t have a static establishment (restaurant for a number of footfalls as walk-in guests) and to organise food exclusively for a lesser number of people (2 to 10) in the wilderness costs a lot more than a static camp or restaurant.

Because of the Corona Pandemic and to revive the project after Corona hit our venture, we have offered a discount on the tariff for stay and also the food bill. Our standard tariff has been Rs 6800 per person per night till 3 years ago.


1. Morning Tea:

  • Indian Masala Tea with biscuits and rusk (as available). Rs 185 per person per morning.
  • Rs 125 for tea per person per morning.
  • Tea sachets brought by the guests will be treated with hot water @Rs 125 per cup.

2. Veg Breakfast:

  • Rs 675 per person per meal per day if there are 4 or more persons in your group, Rs 875 2 to 3 persons, Rs 975 if one person.
  • One of the Indian items will be cooked: Poha, Upma, Poori aalloo, Pratha, etc.
  • Butter, curd, pickles, milk, Bournvita are available as extra.
  • Corn Flakes and porridge with milk may be available as extra.

3. Non Veg Breakfast:

  • Additional Rs 225 (675+225) per person.
  • One egg item of 2 eggs per person (boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelet or French toast) is added.

4. Lunch: Indian Homely Veg.

  • One vegetable, one daal, chapati, rice if needed or only Rajmah Rice or Karhi Rice (Gujrati or Punjabi type) as a full meal, it could be veg pulao with curd for lunch as a meal under field conditions.
  • Rs 795 (std rate is Rs 950) per person per meal, if the group is of 6 to 10 persons .

5. Non Veg Lunch:

  • Rs 950 (std rate Rs 1150 per person) per meal.
  • Only chicken will be served as a non-veg dish.

6. Evening Tea:

  • Indian Masala Tea: Rs 125.
  • Tea with biscuits is Rs 185 per person.
  • Veg pakoras @Rs 165 per person, if all guests opt for or there are minimum 4 persons.

7. Dinner:

  • Only veg soup for all will be served, Rs 175 per person, as available.
  • One daal, one veg, chapati, rice (optional). Rs 775 veg per person if there is a group of 4 persons, otherwise standard price is Rs 975.
  • Rs 985 for non-veg, per person per meal, minimum group of 4 for non-veg (otherwise the standard price is Rs. 1125), only chicken is served as non-veg item for dinner.
  • Maggie (noodles) packets brought by guests will be boiled @ Rs 85 per packet simple, Rs 125 with veggies, Rs 150 with veggies and butter.

8. Barbecue

  • Rs 1950 per person for non veg (only chicken). If it’s a group of 6 persons minimum.
  • Rs 2500 per person if group is of 4 persons.
  • Rs 3500 per person if group is 2 to 3 persons.
  • Rs 1650 veg per person. If it’s a group of 6 persons minimum.
  • Trout Fish for barbeque, as extra, cost depends on availability.

PLEASE NOTE the following points

  • If your holiday revolves around liquor or need it to enhance the pleasure, then you may overlook our programs.
  • It’s a self service camp.
  • Menu will be one for all.
  • Any special diet needs should be brought along by the guests, expecting without any adjustment in the tariff. If we have to cook separately it will be added in the extra bill.
  • If guests wish to cook their own food for the entire stay or partially, they are welcome with the following terms:
  • Whether a meal is cooked by guests or us it will be added in the ‘extra bill’ as per the tariff quoted. If guests bring their own items to cook or even bring personal chef to cook food.
  • The cost of ingredients is negligible; its the whole infrastructure and the setting and ambience we crate with lots of costs and efforts. We are charging our guests for the experience which is worth any price tag. The overall investment to build this special infrastructure and the significant amount of money and big effort to bring it to the location. The cost of wear and tear while mobilising it from one location to another to organise experiential holidays.
  • We may coordinate excursions/ visits if asked to do so. The transport bill to be paid to the driver directly, as extra.
  • We won’t be able to provide porters, escort or guide service.
  • Tariff for guest’s Domestic Help/ Driver: will be charged at par with guests.
  • We welcome the pets at our camp, we have a Pet Policy to make things easy and for clarity.
  • It’s an offbeat nomadic experiential holiday and not the usual routine holiday. These holidays are for those who want to relax and unwind.
  • As of now, we are offering discounts on food, though we can’t afford it under the circumstances, this is what we can do as a gesture during the Corona Pandemic.
  • Confirmation on 100% payment as per the terms prescribed on our website. Please go through the details before the payment is processed.

We have listed a few recreational activities on our website, which are available for our guests and charged as extra on the basis of “pay as you use”.

If you have any questions or doubts or expectations, please check before booking is done.

Barot Valley in Himachal Pradesh