Photography Workshops

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Portrait Workshop with “available light” being conducted in a remote village in Ladakh

We organise exclusive Field Photography Workshops, best in class, during our expeditions to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Ladakh and the Spiti valley.  The lectures and demonstrations by experts focus on ‘taming the light’ in the dramatic landscape of the region, with insights into the proper use of natural and artificial lights for photography. Elinchrom Quadra Ranger, one of the best flash/ strobe lights for outdoor photography, and other accessories are available.


The masters of photography will tell you that this art is all about light, be it natural or artificial. Though most of the photography is done with ambient lighting, the quest to perfect photography during insufficient lighting led the photographers to adopt various artificial lighting techniques. Flash photography was born this way and has come a long way since then, from powder flashes to the incredible lighting equipment of today.

Modern digital photography is much more than shooting with the costliest cameras and computer-aided editing. As a photographer, you need to master light as much as you would have at the beginning of the 20th century, and there can be no compromises about that. Taming the light is what plays the most significant role in distinguishing a great photograph from a snapshot. The drama created by light can either be ambient or artificial and both, but one must need to learn to use them properly to get the best results.

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