Taurus Tents Lit up at Dusk Blue Sky_DU6A5765


Taurus offers the best place to stay and provides the best accommodation at Anandpur Sahib for Hola Mohalla. Its a different kind of experience. And makes sure the best photography is done. The photo tour and photography expedition is escorted by Capt Suresh Sharma himself. The camp is very close to the main Gurudwara Keshgarh Sahab. The closer camping makes it easy for photographers to have easy access to the logistics. We wish we could camp next to the river or canal to offer different kind of camping experience and holiday. Its getting popular to experience campervan and vanlife camping. People are looking for offbeat experiential holidays. At Hola Mohalla Nihangs come in their traditional attired and play battle drills and the best horse riding skills and tent pegging is offered by the daring horse riders. And offers the best action photography opportunities.

Capt knows Nihangs personally and that makes things so easy for photography to shoot candid. Capt is the best guide and escort for photography and he will share the secrets and tips and tricks to do photography at Hola Mohalla. One needs the best logistical support to perform as a photographer.

Its the most hygienic camp and camping at Anandpur Sahib, there is no match.