Blind Date With Taurus

Here is a news for those who can pack their bags at short notice and wish to grab ‘exciting offers’… 

We offer sudden opportunities called “BLIND DATE WITH TAURUS” …

WHAT IS BLIND DATE with Taurus?  Its offered at short notice to pack your bags suddenly and move without much notice,  special  tariff is the benefit on this trip offered at short notice.

You may be part of a group where a vacancy has suddenly appeared because of cancellation. It also could be when Taurus moves for induction and de-induction into a region i.e. Ladakh, Rajasthan, Gujarat/ Kutch, etc. Exact details are sent at the time of intimation. 

Please send mail to with SUBJECT: Blind Date With Taurus. 

You will be intimated about the tariff, exact date and place of departure.


<img src="Offbeat caravan campervan recreational vehicle camping.jpeg" alt="campervan  nomadic caravan holiday for families couples romantic unique lifetime experience offbeat outdoor overlanding camp to relax unwind quiet place at secluded locations ladakh kutch jaisalmer spiti valley rajasthan">  

Taurus offers the best experiential holidays in the lap of Mother Nature. Spiti Valley – one of the top 10 destinations in the world being offered in a different style, one of its kind. Taurus is the best RV with combination of caravan, campervan, motorhome with all the comforts for outdoor life.