The Magic – India

In the great cosmic dark, lonely Earth pulses with complex life. India oozes with throbbing humanity and exudes abundant opportunity. It bristles with a soul-stirring infusion of opulence and adversity, innovation and tradition, soaring cityscapes and especially her captivating landscapes which leave you burning for more.

India with her varied topography, picturesque valleys, glorious hill slopes, snow-capped mountains, gushing streams, exquisite lush green landscapes, sun drenched beaches, blazing deserts, cascading rivers, rich and diverse eco-systems with unrivalled variety of flora and fauna, never ceases to surprise even the most seasoned photographers.

Playfully, India oscillates between order and chaos, creation and destruction, resistance and seduction as she rouses then allays, confronts then beguiles, slaps then caresses. India teases, allures you and ultimately bewitches. Your journey through this exhilarating country will be etched profoundly into your heart and mind long after you have left her shores.

Photographically, India casts a powerful spell over you.

Expeditions 2017-18