Nature Conservation Efforts

‘Know About Snakes & Snakebite’ with first-aid demo program for soldiers by Capt Suresh Sharma.

GREEN DOT EXPEDITIONS  is genuinely committed to the cause of Environment where happiness is sought by supporting ‘Mission: Nature Conservation Through Tourism & Photography’. Part of the proceeds of Green Dot Expeditions have been supporting the Snake Cell, which has remained as self-funded project since its inception in 1997. We have never sought any external support so far, other than our own friends and our ventures.

Funds have always been raised through various activities of Capt Suresh Sharma and Dr Rajbir Kaur – wildlife T-shirts, tourism, photography, etc.


Dr Rajbir Kaur Sharma showing a snake to the cadets of National Cadet Corps, basically to establish faith that animals don’t mean harm unless we pose threat to them.

Capt Suresh Sharma demonstrating to village children that snakes don’t mean harm to them and they don’t have to chase them to kill animals.

Many times Capt Suresh Sharma has done ‘Know About Snakes & Snakebite’ with first-aid demo program for soldiers on the Indo-Pak border.

A talk about snakes with film show at a school.

Capt Suresh Sharma introducing students of college of architecture to design houses considering snakes and how to deny snakes free entry into houses.

Capt Suresh & Dr Rajbir did snake rescue (self-funded) for over a decade in Chandigarh and around.

Capt Suresh Sharma and Dr Rajbir Kaur Sharma filming a snake for Lecture Demos.