Outdoor Experience

We set the right stage for QUALITY TIME TOGETHER for families and couples. Take travellers, explorers and photographers beyond the ordinary and invisible … We organize tours for the spirited travellers who are seeking true outdoor experience. We bet, no one could provide you `pure outdoor experience’ better than what we offer you, in India in good comfort on the move. Imagine sitting on a sand dune, under the sky full of bright stars and galaxies (which you do not get to see in a city), sipping coffee and reading a book with your LED light on the banks of gurgling mountain river or a small stream. Exploring lesser known destinations with your camera, where regular tourists can not go for lack of logistical support at `off the beaten track’. Enjoy peace!

Whether you are family who wants to spend quality time together away from the maddening rush of modern life to strengthen the family bonding, a newly married couple to set their life ahead by spending time together in a place of tranquility, traveller and explorer, photographer seeking locations and subjects which are unexplored; we offer the best.