Hemant Kumar

(Wildlife Photography Specialist)

With a degree in fine arts and graphic design engineering as a profession, Hemant Kumar follows his passion for art and photography with equal enthusiasm if not more. He is also a nature activist and loves nature to the point of making it his muse. He travels a lot to capture nature both in the frame of his camera as well as on his canvas.

Hemant is very passionate about taking photographs in action, and is more interested in photographing wildlife, birds, amphibians, reptiles and landscapes.His work has been published in various photography magazines like National Geographic  and has also featured in Daily Dozen.

He loves birds and has a lot to offer to people who are interested in learning and understanding birds. He believes that everyone in this world has the right to live which includes the fauna and avifauna and he contributes to this cause by teaching people about the importance of these amazing beings.  With great ideas and a diehard passion for wildlife he is just waiting to see where the future will take him with this.