A degree qualified design engineer, Darren picked up a camera again in 2007 re-energizing a childhood hobby. He set about photographing the cultural festivals in Asia. Self-taught but also guided by his longtime friend and professional commercial photographer Mike Harrington, he is forever developing his skills. In 2010, after many extended photography tours in Asia, he took the plunge, gave up his role as a design engineer and moved to Cambodia, the heart of Asia, where he could concentrate on his passion full time.

Photography was initially a tool to integrate and get close to the culture. The people of Asia, specifically Cambodia, were what drew him there, and it is this that he enjoys most. Over the years he has gained a great depth of knowledge about the culture and local area while forever developing his camera skills. His work is finding its way to local and national publications such the Guardian and Lonely Planet.

His engineering background has led to his latest obsession. Time-lapse photography has brought time and motion to his work. Engineering certainly shows with his knowledge of photography. It is this latest development that Darren will strive to show not only Cambodia, but expand his horizons to other continents, with beautiful photography and time-lapse media. Combined with a love for culture, the future is set for a great adventure.

Darren is about enjoying what he does best. If he can share that with others then that makes for a good day at the office. Standard tours he will do, but enjoys more the challenge of getting that bit extra, which can make for an exciting trip, especially in Cambodia.