Capt Suresh Sharma & Dr Rajbir Kaur Sharma

(Founders & Team Leaders Ops)

With outdoor experience of 35 years, 6 years of active service with the Indian Army, 18 months of battlefield, odometer 165,000 kms over 19 years of passionate caravaning – an unparalleled feat for any Indian in India, travel photography published in international publications, contributed to the creation of two wildlife documentaries for the National Geographic Society, USA, two prestigious coffee table books (“The Indian Army – An Illustrative Overview” and “LEGACY OF A LEGEND” MiG-21 in The Indian Airforce – Illustrated Testimony of a Reticent Air Warrior), 29 years of quality tourism ops, champion of the “cause of the green”, self-funded SAVING INNOCENT SNAKE & IGNORANT PEOPLE for 22 years. Our Team Leader Capt Suresh Sharma has wide variety of experiences from various fields, now he is a sought after consultant for experiential tourism, caravans, camping, how to earn freedom from 9 to 5 job – convert your passion into your profession, photography, travel, etc.

Dr.Rajbir, a qualified homeopathic doctor, is a soulmate who juggles motherhood with the life of adventure as a team member. Their lives have been enriched by their shared experiences and has supported each other through their common passion, from handling snakes for the photo-sessions with Captain.

Suresh and his wife Rajbir have designed and custom built two caravans (RVs) themselves and has clocked more than 165,000 km with family and friends in their home on wheels for almost 19 years, which they fondly named ‘Kingcobra’ and ‘Taurus’. The couple has now founded the `GREEN DOT EXPEDITIONS’  and introduced a new concept of overlanding in India, built India’s first luxury overland truck named TAURUS (“Mobile Camping” an RV – recreational vehicle) to take serious photographers and adventurers to exotic locales to explore local culture what others don’t get to see, freeze and frame their live experiences, offering vanlife, campervan holidays. They presently live in Chandigarh with their two children.

Capt Suresh Sharma is fondly addressed by friends as ‘CAPTAIN’, is the one who has given shape to his dreams and has lived with them – accrued the traits of a true leader. Has lived like a free bird who could not be caged by the worldly compulsions. Meandering around like a snake, knowing no boundaries, Suresh makes anyone envious with his life style and the life he has lived. Spirit of the outdoors and adventure got him to the army, but again hung his boots to explore `Life’ unconditionally.

A man with courage to live life on his terms, which most people find difficult in India. Suresh has dedicated his life to the pursuit of photography as a passion, which he is exploiting as his tool to disseminate awareness about nature conservation and snakes.

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