Anders Blomqvist


( Travel and documentary photographer, adventure travel consultant, rafting and trekking guide)

Swedish born Anders studied photography in California 1981/82 before getting work onboard M/S Royal Viking Sea, a Norwegian luxury cruise liner, where he spent nearly four years cirumnavigating the globe. That became the start of a lifelong passion for travel photography.

As Tibet opened up in 1986 Anders was slow to make his way there doing a 5 month overland trip from Sweden to Kathmandu. Then he spent nearly 4 months exploring and documenting the vast and incredible place we know as Tibet. A journey that led to a mega slide show at the University of Oslo in Norway that in turn led to fame and good image sales. The ball was rolling.

In 1987 he began work as a trekking and rafting guide in Nepal for Encounter Overland, combining the freedom of roaming the Himalayas with photography and having a lot of paid fun. After seven wild years in Nepal it was time to focus more on photography and expand to the rest of Asia.

Anders joined Lonely Planet Images in 1999 and became one of their top ten photographers quickly, a very fruiful move. Doing assignments for LPI and a host of various travel companies and book publishers became the main focus. He joined other image stock agencies also and the collection of great images kept growing.

Being able to live from travelling around the world shooting what you like was a rare privilege for many years but as micro stock agencies started selling images very cheaply, LPI being bought by Getty Images and then Getty destroying the photo stock business with their ”Premium Access” scheme, making a living on shooting stock images has become nearly impossible and nowdays Anders runs a health related web shop in Sweden and enjoying photography more as a hobby.