Onboard Taurus

Taurus offers amazing experience for outdoors. We have following onboard

Comforts : Transport and Accommodation



Food Plan :

Mostly, fresh meal shall be available when we have access to fresh supply of veggies etc, We shall provide green vegetables freshly cooked and salad; some days there may be no salad. Our pre-cooked food shall be as good as fresh, which is cooked and canned without any preservatives. Our main support shall be canned food as well which is certified as without harmful preservatives and chemicals. We have tested and tried such food for over two years and then introduced on our expeditions. Food is cooked onboard Taurus, as it has a kitchen of its own. The ingredients are good quality and of good brands. We cook serve canned veggies as well fresh where time and circumstances permit us.

For breakfast you have a selection of cereals, toast (not always) with spreads, eggs, Indian breakfast items, fruit juice, coffee and black or herbal teas. For lunch we provide `field lunch’ sometimes normal meal, if time permits. Dinners vary depending on the time of year but usually include fresh vegetables, canned vegetables with Indian taste with chapati or rice. Sometimes, camp food where everyone gets its participation for the fun of outdoor life. But we assure you that we do the best possible for such outdoor activities on the move.



Considering it as an outdoor activity, we are concerned about everyone’s safety. With our extensive experience about outdoor life and with Taurus, we have considered for the following:

  • Four tents are all installed into the body shell of the Truck and are 5 ft (approx) above ground, its quite safe from insects and dogs.
  • While being on our expeditions you are suggested not to drink alcohol. As alcohol consumption is hazardous for the outdoor life, especially living onboard a vehicle far from cities, with tents on rooftop and 7 ladders; of course uneven terrain being outdoors. Above all, it’s a closely living group activity; your drinking may make others uncomfortable as there are no separate rooms. It’s a different story when you stay in a hotel. If you need liquor to enhance your holiday then you may overlook our programs.
  • No narcotics on our trips. we may be asking you to submit an affidavit that you do not consume or carry drugs which are a banned substance and are punishable by law.  We may also carry out search like its done at the airports. If you feel offended, please overlook our programs.
  • Anyone not maintaining a good atmosphere in the camp may be requested to leave the camp under own arrangements and without any refund or adjustments.
  • No game which may be akin to gambling of any kind on our trips
  • No smoking inside tents and main body of the vehicle, while on our expeditions. Yes, you may take breaks when we are having a halt.
  • If you need to be guarded by your own fire arms, we suggest you to overlook our tours.