Ladakh – Spiti Valley – Expeditions

Experience the Cosmic Adrenaline …  and the best Promise of Spiti Valley & Ladakh

onboard Taurus an innovative concept

Lifetime Experience specially designed for outdoor life …

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Taurus anchored on the banks of the famous River Indus, outside Leh. Offering amazing experience beyond words and any ‘price tag’.

Ladakh is God’s gift to those souls who are passionate about outdoor life and photography lives in the veins. To experience the invisible Ladakh beyond dreams, one needs to have patience, maturity, blend of skills and good logistical support by the experienced like that of Green Dot Expeditions. You pamper your soul and we shall take care of all those nagging logistics which become invisible hurdle for outdoor life. Taurus offers rendezvous with the hidden treasures of Ladakh, where you unleash your passions; while experiencing the invisible Ladakh beyond dreams. It’s an experience of ‘cosmic adrenaline’ for outdoor nomadic while being onboard Taurus.

We shall fulfill our promise by taking you to the doorstep of nature at its best. Also, at Green Dot Expeditions we believe in destiny, our destiny to serve you, and your destiny to immerse yourself in the experience we provide, and take exceptional photos on the ‘journey of your soul’.

We don’t sell tours, we share experience… Expeditions in Ladakh are intended for the genuinely passionate travellers and outdoor photographers as an opportunity to capture those once in a lifetime pictures of the incredible natural beauty of the very little explored Himalayan region.

And Taurus is inspiration to anyone to live life only a few lucky can dream and live. Taurus is changing the face of exploration in India and the definition of ‘Photo Tours’.

In summers (May to September), we may offer Spiti Valley only. 

Spiti Valley Expeditions  


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Taurus – the best recreational vehicle – with features of caravan campervan to take care of the teething problems of outdoor holidays, anchored on the banks of Indus River in Leh, Ladakh.  

Campervan Camping Holidays Ladakh 

<img src="photo tour shanti stupa in ladakh caravan.jpeg" alt="shanti stupa best photo tour for landscape astrophotography escorted curated and guided with caravan campervan ladakh in offbeat locations"> 

Shanti Stupa – The Famous landmark of Ladakh shot under the evening sunlight Leh.

<img src="photo tour in leh ladakh with caravan.jpeg" alt="best photo tour escorted curated and guided with caravan campervan ladakh in offbeat camp on the banks of river indus at leh">   

We offer the best photo tours in Ladakh. This photo is of old Ladakhi lady praying with ‘prayer wheel’ in a village under sunlight