Chronology of The Beast

This is the story of The Beast (lovingly our truck has come to being called) which many may find quite interesting, especially when its a dream of millions of Indians to travel in a caravan/ motorhome


29.03.2014. Much awaited day. Delivery of the Chassis

Being an Indian, its customary to visit a temple or gurudwara to say thanks to Him and whatever. We visited Nada Sahab Gurudwara, historical Sikh Temple.

We stop infront of the main gate of our apartment for a while before the chassis is driven to Khanna (a town in Punjab) for the fabrication of body shell at a friend’s factory.

Chirag poses as its first driver, he claimed that the Wheel belongs to him, before chassis is driven off to Khanna (Punjab) for fabrication. Afterall all men love the Wheel.

First Job being started, its was the footrest for windscreen cleaning, which helps the driver while cleaning of windscreen.

First glimpses of the structure, obviously starts on the floor.

Capt Suresh Sharma, the Chief Designer of the Truck, working on a thermocoal model to explain the design to fabricator, who builds very basic trucks used as load carriers.

First Day of the main structure being built. This had to be very accurate, as this structure defines the final design.

Dr Rajbir Kaur (wife of Capt Suresh Sharma), Co-Leader of the Design Team, visits for the First time to see the progress of fabrication.

Chirag loved being there at fabrication site everyday, inspite of the heat of Indian summer.

Chirag (son of Capt Suresh) loves getting involved at every step of the fabrication

Welding in Progress, every thing was done under supervision of Capt Suresh Sharma.

Structure has been reinforced very well to make sure it doesn't give way when being run on rural roads. This was welded properly, after the basic