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Our USPs

(Unique Selling Points)

Our philosophy is our biggest strength – “GO THE EXTRA MILE”. We are always looking out to be at the best possible level.

Our dish washing SOPs are the best. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

We take pride in saying that we are the most hygienic camp with top notch quality and hospitality in India as of now.

1. Our exotic locations are the result of continuous efforts of hunting new places in wilderness. It takes lots of time, physical effort and money, only a few can appreciate this intangible investment.

2. Water Trailer is made of food grade stainless steel (304), unlike the plastic water storage tanks used by all the other camps as of now.

<img src="stainless steel food grade water tanker.jpeg" alt="stainless steel food grade 304 water tanker with mini tractor for camp camping himachal india">

We can boast of that we GO EXTRA MILE for whatever we do! Only our camp has stainless steel food grade water tanker, all others use plastic tanks.

We have the4 best dish washing SOPs for outdoor nomadic camping, none can emulate us even by 50%.

3. Our water filter is one of the best in the international market. It doesn’t waste water like an RO does.

4. We offer cotton napkins to our guests and not disposable ones since they are not hygienic at all, plus keeping mission nature conservation in mind.

5. We offer a vivid range of mugs which adds more flavour to your tea in wilderness.

6. We serve tea and coffee with the finest accompaniments which enriches the whole experience.

7. We use premium quality branded masalas and food ingredients.

8. For dish washing – we follow the best SOPs even under field conditions.

9. Our equipment is from well known international brands (to mention a few – Weber barbecue grill which is the best in the world, Honda, Thetford, Hitachi, ShurFlo, etc.).

10. We don’t chase money! There’s no cutting of corners, always offering the best and nothing less to our guests. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible. Since Green Dot Expeditions has been raised with the idea of Nature Conservation, we try to make a mark.

  • Less/no usage of plastic
  • Bare minimum disposable items
  • No paper napkins
  • We discourage disposable water bottles (we serve filtered water and prefer guests bring their own bottles).
  • We make an effort to save resources (water, electricity, LPG, etc.).
  • We don’t burn charcoal and wood, instead we use LPG for Barbecue Grill and ensure quality.
img src="weber barbecue outdoor holidays himachal india.jpeg" alt="offbeat outdoor family holidays campervan caravan vacation overlanding vanlife in wilderness vacation corona safe weber barbecue lakeside camp dadasiba pong dam india"> 

Weber Barbecue Grill is deploy to offer the most amazing barbecue experience in our unique ‘roving camp’ which changes spots when needed. We deploy our caravan and camping trailers to offer stay with comfort in wilderness.

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Kitchen Equipment (knives, ladles, gas lighter, Borosil)

We don’t compromise on the delivery of service and quality, no short cuts.