Tamrindi – Roving Café

Indians Live to Eat, that’s true … Tamrindi is designed to add a special twist/ tadka to that!

TAMRINDI  – India’s 1st roving café –  is the finest food trailer – a new concept, out of the box, tantalizing, totally different and dazzling, you definitely not seen before!!

With its total stainless steel built and out of the box design Tamrindi looks like supermodel on the ramp, mesmerizes everyone with its beauty. It might look Liliputian but it’s charm and performance is bigger than Gulliver’s chariot.

Our USP is quality service and hygiene.

Tamrindi offers an outdoor experience around delectable beverages and snacks to satisfy your taste buds, with top notch quality of ingredients and the best hygiene on the go!

  • It’s a 5 Star for those who are in a rush, want to have a quick bite of mouthwatering vegetarian snacks, or tantalizing non-vegetarian delights, or drink refreshing beverages to beat the heat of searing summers of the plain or enjoy hot beverages and snacks in winters.
  • Conceptualized and designed by our seasoned team of professionals, lead by Capt Suresh Sharma and Dr Rajbir Kaur  who are also the co-founders of Green Dot Expeditions.
  • The operations are directly under the hawk eyes of Capt Sharma who has an experience of more than two decades in the caravaning business, he’s been an outdoor man for over 35 years.
Our aim is to make the non foodies also say “Maza Aa Gaya” and be a go-to for the foodies.
Our Chhota Bheem (mini tractor) is its power to chug it around.
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