COl Rajeev Sharma, SM


Rajeev has been an avid photographer since his childhood days and very few people are zealous to chase their childhood dreams. He is made of that grit who after having done his soldierly duties with gun, now doing it with cameras slung over his shoulders . As a soldier with the Indian army he travelled to the remote parts of the country and encapsulated the beauty and moments with his camera; many of these found way into military publications.

Rajeev has served as part of IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) in Sri Lanka in 1988. While off operations he hammered a bond with Capt Suresh Sharma while both were excogitating about their passions and hobbies. With years of active combat experience, while eliminating hard core terrorists, Rajeev has been baked as a successful leader who can accomplish under varying circumstances. he has been decorated with a gallantry award Sena Medal for his exceptional leadership in combat.

He continues to follow his passion of photography and adventure after taking early retirement from the Army. He has founded Twin Cities Photography Club in Hyderabad and loves to instruct people in the nuances of field photography. He also teaches interested people in the Wilderness Survival Skills around Hyderabad and various other parts of the country. Landscapes, night sky and astrophotography, on location fashion shoots and wildlife photography fascinate him the most.