RJ-8 : Jaisalmer – Damodra – Khaba – Khuri

Route Map for RJ0-8

Expedition Highlights

  • 3 day/2 nights
  • Experience the most unique Nomadic Lifestyle in comfort
  • Forts and Havelis
  • Rustic Rural Rajasthan
  • Typical Rajasthani Village
  • Camel Safari and Taurus
  • Camel ride
  • Private Sunset and Sunrise while sipping tea

GRADING: Easy for average fitness


Day1: Check-in onboard Taurus near village Damodra, around 30 minutes of drive from Jaisalmer. Witness sunset in a private setting.

Day 2: Drive to Khuri, night onboard Taurus. Camel ride to witness sunset.

Day 3: Departure to Jaisalmer

Camel Ride on the Sand Dunes


Day 1: Jaisalmer

We welcome you onboard TAURUS which is anchored just 30 minutes from Jaisalmer. Experience the prelude to nomadic-lifestyle in total comfort with freedom and flexibility, rejuvenates your soul and adds few years to your life-span. We organise private sunset for you, a very special experience with no parallel, we bet. The vastness of the landscape and totally private atmosphere and the special kitchen of Taurus will evoke a poet in you.

Day 2:  Reach Khuri

Morning tea is a ritual on Taurus, especially at such locations which make you experience the ‘trance’ in the lap of Mother Nature. After a hearty breakfast, Its time to hop on the cross country Camel Safari to Khaba Fort  where you will meet TAURUS for a break. After a photo session here with the expert himself, Capt Suresh Sharma, Taurus drives you to Khuri, a typical Rajasthani village.

Once we are anchored in Khuri, you can join in for a Rajasthani folk cultural program at a resort/ camp.

The  warmth that exudes from the TAURUS kitchen, will leave you much happier than a stay at even the bestest of hotels. The experience leaves you admiring the world you never experienced, rather denied to yourself.

Live a dream night onboard Taurus.

Your participation by stepping on-board Taurus will make a significant contribution to the cause of Nature Conservation. And you will be listed as ‘ambassadors’ of the green!  As part of the proceeds are spent on our self-funded project ‘nature conservation education’.

Day 3: Departure home!

After a relaxed, healthy and a hearty breakfast on TAURUS, it’s time to pack your bags. We are sure that you go with your heart filled with memories and your cameras full of amazing pictures. You want to reach ‘civilisation’ and share the stories of this life-changing outdoor holiday experience that leaves your soul rejuvenated for the fast city life back home!


Following is applicable to the program RJ-8. More details about WHAT IS INCLUDED/ NOT INCLUDED which are applicable commonly to all the programs. In case of any doubt or clarifications, please send all your questions in one mail.

Tariff : Rs 15,300 per person for Taurus (travel, stay and food).

What is Included

Only the following are included in the package, rest everything is NOT included.

  • All three veg homely meals as buffet (including morning and evening tea with biscuits) onboard Taurus. Field lunch (Veg) while travelling (from the kitchen of Taurus or roadside Dhaba), without any beverages. If anyone opts for non-veg at such stops, then its to be paid by the participant directly to the establishment.
  • Filtered Water, please bring your own bottles to refill
  • Taurus to travel all onboard for the itinerary.
  • Stay onboard Taurus as per the accommodation available on rotational basis and sleeping bags provided by us.
  • Sleeping arrangements and seating are all on rotational basis.
What is Not Included