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Though in the commercial world WINNING IS EVERYTHING … but in the ‘real world’ you may lose the battle but still win the war! The selflessness of this crusade may make us lose the battle against daily life of the ordinary to win the war of the extraordinary.

Come join the cause and ‘capture your passion’.
We are committed to the cause!


Conde Nast Traveller published this:

This fully-kitted campervan is driving to Spiti

Hindi Magazine did a nation wide feature of 9 pages

The Hindu, one of the most reputed English daily in India did half a page feature all over South India.  Online Article 

An article of Times of India article

Indian Express did this article in 19 Editions across India

The Tribune Featured

Indian Express Feature on Sunday

Front Page Article, Indian Express

Capt Suresh Sharma was commissioned as the photographer of the Coffee table Book THE INDIAN ARMY – An Illustrated Overview

Magazine devoted 4 pages

Better Photography Magazine Editorial Page

Indian Express half page feature

Magazine Article Full Page

Capt Suresh Sharma was commissioned to photograph the legendary fighter aircraft MiG 21 and it shaped up as a coffee table book.

“OVERDRIVE” Magazine feature of 6 pages, with center spread of Taurus