Blind Date With Taurus

Here is a news for those who can pack their bags at short notice and wish to grab ‘exciting offers’… 

We are offering a “BLIND DATE WITH TAURUS” … while Taurus is being de-inducted from Spiti Valley around the 7th of October, via RecongPeo/ Narkanda.

WHAT IS BLIND DATE with Taurus?  Its offered at short notice to pack your bags suddenly and move without much notice, much less tariff is the benefit on this trip, unplanned itinerary.

DURATION: 4 to 6 days

START POINT: Kaza or Tabo

END POINT: Narkanada

GROUP SIZE: 5 to 6

FOOD:  Two veg meals (dinner and breakfast onboard Taurus), two cups of tea a day; any meal outside Taurus, say lunch on the move,  will have to be paid by the participants, it could be Rs 50 to Rs 150 per person per meal.

SLEEPING: we will offer dome tents on ground. You have to carry your own sleeping bags.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES: No alcohol during the expeditions. Cigarette smoking only during breaks, not onboard Taurus. You have to extend all the help to the Crew of Taurus for the camp chores i.e. pitching/ winding/ packing  up dome tents, getting food ready (food will be cooked by the crew, you just wash, peel, cut veggies), helping in dishwashing, winding up camp, making Taurus ready for morning journey, etc.

TARIFF:  Tariff being offered is  very low compared to our standard tariff.  Rs 12500 to Rs 16800 per person (standard tariff Rs 28,800 to Rs 39800 per person).

You will get to travel and stay on-board Taurus, camp at some places near to river and with some nice views.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: Medical expenses, transport from home to Kaza and from culmination point to home. Any kind of expenses caused by any bad weather conditions, medical emergencies accidents, technical failures, mechanical failures of Taurus, accident rescues, etc. Anything which is NOT mentioned here.


Please send mail to with SUBJECT: Blind Date With Taurus. 

You will be intimated about the tariff, exact date of departure from Kaza and approx date of arrival at Narkanda.


Spiti Valley – one of the top 10 destinations in the world being offered in a different style, one of its kind.